The 24-Hour Spherical Live Streaming Camera


A spherical camera that can live stream for 24 hours

*Uses an AC adapter
  • Outputs spherical full HD videos at 30 fps
  • Real-time stitching in the camera of the two fisheye lens videos
  • Spherical video can be output to HDMI or USB
  • Spherical video can be recorded on a microSD card
  • Built-in monaural microphone
  • Can be controlled with video settings via USB
  • Prepare an image control tool for PC/Mac
  • The source code for the video control tool will be publicly released
  • Compact body size


Video Quality
1920 x 960, Equirectangular Projection, 30fps
*1080 stretching of vertical resolution to output in full HD
HDMI Video Out
Full HD, 59.94i
USB Video Out
Full HD, 29.97fps
Video Out Connector
Micro HDMI Type-D, Micro USB
Audio Out
Built-in monaural microphone
Video Recording Media
MicroSD card *Up to 32 GB
Video File Format
External Power Input
MicroUSB, 5 V/2.1 A
Usage Temperature Range
0℃ - 40℃
External Dimensions
46mm(W) x 118mm(H) x 16.6mm(D)




Coming soon!