RICOH R Development Kit Cautions on Use and FAQ

Cautions on Use

  • If the power is turned off or the microSD card is removed while shooting a video, a video file that cannot be played is created
  • If you turn the power on/off by connecting/disconnecting the USB power cord, wait at least one second before turning the power off/on.
    Alternatively, if you turn the power on/off by inserting/removing the recommended AC adapter, wait at least four seconds before turning the power off/on.
    If you are using an AC adapter other than the recommended one, check it first before turning the power on or off.
  • The date for all recorded videos is "2017/01/01 0:00"
  • When formatting the microSD card, set the FAT32 allocation unit size to 32 KB.



Please tell me the countries where the product is sold.
The 24 countries below can be selected on the sales website.
It has yet to be decided if sales will be expanded to other countries in the future.
Sales Countries: Japan, USA, Canada, France, U.K., Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Greece.
Please tell me standard delivery time after I order the product.
The standard delivery times are listed below.
However, delivery times may vary for transportation, stock, and other reasons.
Once the product has been dispatched, you will be given an invoice with a contact number on it. Please contact that number for more information.
The product will be dispatched from Japan.
Japan:1 to 2 business days
North America:4 to 7 business days
Europe:4 to 7 business days


Is the product waterproof and dustproof?
No, the product is not waterproof or dustproof.
Can the product shoot still images?
No, the product cannot shoot still images.


Can I compensate video while shooting?
You can use the image-control tool (RICOH R Console) via USB.
What languages does the website support?
The dedicated and forum websites support both Japanese and English.
Can I use the image-control tool (RICOH R Console) when connected via USB?
No, you cannot use the RICOH R Console when connected via USB.

Other questions

Who do I contact if I have a technical question?
We do not have a helpdesk to answer technical questions.
However, in order gather information and check how the product is functioning, we have set up a forum website for users to exchange information, which we hope you will take advantage of.
Please tell me where I can ask for repairs.
We do not offer support for repairs.
However, if the product does not function correctly when you receive it, please contact us with seven days of receiving the product (
Is a microSD card bundled with the product?
A 8 GB microSD card is bundled with the product.
It is in the device slot.