24-hour live streaming of 360° spherical images

The RICOH R Development Kit
Can be Used for a Variety of Purposes

Factory management and monitoring
Research, development of embedded systems
Image production
Showing information in commercial complexes
Live event streaming
Home security and monitoring
YouTube movie production

A Camera Capable of Live Streaming 360° Spherical Images Continuously for 24 Hours a Day
RICOH R Development Kit

24-hour live streaming

24-hour continuous live streaming capability has been confirmed under certain environmental conditions (0℃ to 30℃).

The die-cast aluminum body and fin-shaped design delivers amazing improvements in heat radiation performance. The superb technical contributions and design resulted in this camera winning the 2017 Good Design Award.

The camera features significant technical leaps in live streaming, for which an uninterrupted feed is vital.

Real Time Stitching
Delivers Real-time Streaming of 360° Spherical Images

Real-time stitching

The RICOH R Development Kit is now capable of stitching (composing) images captured by two fisheye lenses.

This makes it unnecessary to stitch images using a PC application, producing images that require no post-processing, making them easy to handle.

This advance makes live streaming easier than ever before.

RICOH R Development Kit
Sample Movie
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RICOH R Development Kit
Comparison with RICOH THETA Series

Development Kit
THETA V THETA S(No longer available) THETA SC
(Video/still images)
■ Video
1920 x 960

■ Still images
Not supported

■ Video
3840 x 1920
1920 x 960

■ Still images
5376 x 2688

■ Video
1920 x 960
1280 x 720

■ Still images
5376 x 2688
2048 x 1024
■ Video
1920 x 960
1280 x 720

■ Still images
5376 x 2688
2048 x 1024
Exterior dimensions
46 × 118 × 22.9 mm
Approx. 125 g
45.2 × 130.6 × 22.9 mm
Approx. 121 g
44 × 130 × 22.9 mm
Approx. 125 g
45.2 × 130.6 × 22.9 mm
Approx. 102 g
Maximum recording time
for one video
■ Live streaming
24-hour continuous operation confirmed

■ Video shooting
Normal Mode Approx. 30 minutes
Extended Mode Approx. 60 minutes
25 minutes 25 minutes 5 minutes
Power source External power supply
*24-hour continuous operation confirmed
Built-in battery Built-in battery Built-in battery
Audio format Built-in monaural microphone AAC-LC (monaural) +
Linear PCM (4-ch spatial audio)
AAC (monaural) AAC (monaural)
Live streaming Full HD, 59.94i
Actual Size mode
(1920 x 960 + 120)
or Full HD mode

UVC/H.264, 29.97 fps
Actual Size mode
(1920 x 960 + 120)
or Full HD mode

*Dedicated drivers required
1920 × 960
1280 x 720
720 x 480
Plug-in compatibility - - -
microUSB terminal (2.0) x 2
・For UVC output and image control
・For power supply

HDMI micro terminal (type D)
・For output
microUSB (USB2.0)
MIC terminal
microUSB (USB2.0)
HDMI-Micro (Type-D)
microUSB (USB2.0)

Usage examples
RICOH R Development Kit

RICOH R Development Kit
Specifications and Features

  • Outputs spherical full HD videos at 30 fps
  • Real-time stitching in the camera of the two fisheye lens videos
  • Spherical video can be output to HDMI or USB
  • Spherical video can be recorded on a microSD card
  • Built-in monaural microphone
  • Can be controlled with video settings via USB
  • Prepare an image control tool for PC/Mac
  • Compact body size
System requirements
  • PC: Windows 10 or later, a PC that can stably run a streaming application (OBS, etc.)
  • Live streaming device: Cerevo LiveShellX operation confirmed
Video Quality 1920 x 960, Equirectangular Projection Format, 30 fps
Video Out Connector Micro HDMI Type D, Micro-USB
HDMI Video Out Full HD, 59.94i
Actual Size mode (1920 x 960 + 120) or Full HD mode
USB Video Out UVC/H.264, 29.97fps
Actual Size mode (1920 x 960 + 120) or Full HD mode
*You need to install a dedicated driver (Windows/Mac)
Audio Out Built-in monaural microphone
Video Recording Media MicroSD card up to 32 GB
Video File Format MP4
Video Recording Time Live streaming:
24-hour continuous operation confirmed

Video recording:
Normal Mode Approx. 30 minutes
Extended Mode Approx. 60 minutes
*The maximum file size that can be recorded is 4 GB.
External Power Input Micro USB
AC adapter Uses a USB AC adapter of 5 V/1.5 A or greater
Usage Temperature Range 0℃ to 40℃
*30℃ or less for 24-hour non-stop operation.
*Ricoh recommends that you use the stand provided or a tripod.
*As the device gets hot, be careful when touching it directly.
*As there is the danger of low temperature burns, do not touch the device for a long period of time.
*The device will automatically shut down if it overheats due to the ambient environment.
External Dimensions 46 mm (W) x 118 mm (H) x 22.9 mm (D)
*Including the lens
Weight 125 g
Bundled products Stand
Carrying case
USB cable x 2
microSD card (8 GB, inside the slot on the camera)

RICOH R Development Kit
Frequently Asked Questions

- Sales information
Where can I buy it?
Please check here(Reseller site).
What is the standard delivery time after an order is placed?
Please contact here(Reseller site).
What payment methods are available?
Please check here(Reseller site).
How much is shipping?
Please check here(Reseller site).
I can't connect to the site/can't proceed to the next page.
There may be too many visitors on the site. Please wait a bit and try again later.
Can I use my Ricoh Imaging points when making a purchase?
No, you cannot.
In "Confirm Order Details", I entered my credit card number and clicked "Order", but an error appeared.
The possible causes are the following.
1) Some information may have been entered incorrectly (Example: Incorrect credit card number, etc.)
2) Too many customers ordering by credit card at the same time
3) Using a credit card that is not accepted (Some prepaid credit cards cannot be used.)
- Specifications
Is the camera waterproof and dustproof?
No, it is not.
Can it capture still images?
No, it cannot.
- Usage
Is it possible to correct images during shooting?
Yes, the image correction tool (RICOH R Console) can be used via USB.
URL: https://github.com/ricohr/ricoh-r-console/releases
Which languages are available on the website?
The special website and forum website are available in English and Japanese.
Can the image correction tool (RICOH R Console) be used while connected via USB?
No, RICOH R Console cannot be used while connected via USB.
- Other
Who can I contact with technical questions?
We do not have a help desk to answer technical questions.
However, a forum website (https://forums.ricohr.ricoh/) is available for users to exchange information on product operation, etc. Please feel free to ask questions there.
Who can I contact regarding repairs?
We do not offer repairs.
However, if you receive a defective product, contact here within seven days of its arrival.
Is a microSD card included with the camera?
Yes, an 8 GB microSD card is included.
It is inserted in the slot on the camera.