RICOH R Development Kit
The 24-Hour Spherical Live Streaming Camera
User Manual

Usage Precautions

Please read this "User Manual" and "Importnat message to Customers" before use RICOH R.

The RICOH R Development Kit is still being developed, so details of this manual may change.

The RICOH R Development Kit is for developers.

This kit cannot be returned. It is not covered by warranty.

When in use, the device gets hot, so use the provided stand or a tripod to secure the device.

Be careful of low temperature burns when touching the device.

If the device gets hot due to the surrounding environment, it will automatically shut down for safety purposes.

This device is compliant with FCC, ICES-003, EN55032, EN55024, and other EMC standards when using the AC adapter, HDMI cable, and other cables bundled with the device that are recommended for use with this device.

A HDMI cable is not bundled with the device. If you need one, please purchase the following cable recommended by Ricoh.

An AC adapter is not bundled with the device, so please purchase the following adapter recommended by Ricoh.
AC adapter:Apple 12 W USB power adapter for the iPad Retina display model (Model A1401)

Kit Contents

Items contained in the box* When you open the box, make sure these items are inside the box.

A RICOH R Development Kit device x 1

B MicroSD card (8 GB) x 1 * Inside the device slot

C Stand x 1

D USB cable x 2

E Carrying case x 1

F Importnat message to Customers x 1

Items distributed via our public website(  * Please visit the website to download and use these items.

G Firmware…Update to the latest firmware.

H RICOH R Console

I RICOH R Development Kit UVC Capture

* Ricoh plans to publish information over time on our public website.

Part Names

Quick Start

• Securing the RICOH R Development Kit to a Tripod

* Do not touch the lens directly. Fingerprints or other smudges on the lens may degrade the image quality.

* If the lens falls or is dropped, the lens may be scratched.

* Secure the lens so that it cannot be dropped or fall over.

• Supplying Power to the Micro USB Power Port

When you connect the device to a power supply via a USB cable, the device will automatically turn on.

Note that the RICOH R Development Kit does not contain an internal battery.
You need to connect the device to an external power source, mobile battery, or the like.

Turn off the device with the Power button when turning it off.
Disconnecting the USB power cable before turning the device off may corrupt data.

• Selecting a Mode

• Using USB Video Class (UVC) Video

* Streaming uses the top micro USB port (for control and UVC out). You cannot use this port as a power port.
Use the micro USB power port at the bottom of the device to supply power to the device.

* Supported OSes: Windows 10 and macOS 10.11

• Using Video from the HDMI Port

* Make sure that you insert the cable into the correct port (do not insert the cable into the top or bottom micro USB ports).

• Recording to the microSD card

• Adjusting Video on the RICOH R Console

* You can adjust the parameters in the RICOH R Development Kit device.
Connect the device to a computer via USB to use this application.

■Connect the RICOH R Development Kit to a monitor with an HDMI port and a PC or Mac.

* You cannot use the RICOH R Console when outputting with USB Video Class.
When you output with HDMI, you can adjust the parameters while observing the output image.

■Start the RICOH R Console and select the RICOH R Development Kit from the device list.

■Adjust exposure and other parameters and check the result on the HDMI monitor.

■List of items to adjust

The RICOH R console is PC/Mac software for controlling the camera via USB.

  • White Balance (RGB Gain, Color Temperature)
  • Exposure
  • Reduce Flourescent Flicker
  • Top/Bottom Correction
  • Video size
  • HDMI Audio Out
  • Standby LED Brightness
  • Transferring LED Brightness
  • WDR
  • Stitch Mode
  • Audio Input Gain
  • Video Bit Rate